1 Kasich Budget = 51,000 Lost Ohio Jobs

April 07, 2011

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) has proposed a two-year budget which could mean a direct loss of 51,052 existing Ohio jobs in K-12 education, higher education, state personnel and local governments according to an analysis released today by Innovation Ohio, an Ohio think tank.

According to Dale Butland, Innovation Ohio Communications Director:

“When Ohioans hear Gov. Kasich boast about his ‘jobs budget’, they mistakenly think he means a budget that creates jobs — not destroys them. But if the legislature enacts all the cuts contained in the Governor’s proposed budget, the 51,000 jobs we stand to lose is more than double the 22,000 jobs Ohio has gained since Gov. Kasich took office. The effect could be catastrophic to Ohio’s still-fragile economic recovery… By stubbornly insisting that an $8 billion deficit must be closed through cuts and one-time money alone, Gov. Kasich is intentionally pursuing a policy that will cost tens of thousands of Ohioans their jobs. But attacking workers — whether through a job-killing budget or the unfair Senate Bill 5 — will not fix Ohio. It will only destroy the middle class. And that’s not what Gov. Kasich was elected to do.”

Get the full report on the Innovation Ohio website.

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