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11,000 Ohioans Kick Off Campaign to Repeal Anti-Worker Legislation

April 12, 2011

We Are Ohio
AFSCME members join thousands of workers from across Ohio vowing to veto SB 5 in November. (Photo courtesy AFSCME Council 8)

More than 11,000 Ohioans descended on the grounds of the Statehouse to kick off the next stage in their fight to repeal Senate Bill 5, the antidemocratic bill that would strip 365,000 public service workers of their collective bargaining rights.

“I think Ohioans have had more than enough of [Ohio Governor] John Kasich playing politics, instead of being a leader,” said AFSCME Council 8 President John Lyall during the weekend rally. “From what I see here today, people from across Ohio are ready to take matters into their own hands with a citizen’s veto of SB 5. I know Council 8 members will do their part and more.”

This heavy-handed, anti-worker attack is being strongly rejected by a majority of Ohioans. It’s time to express that sentiment at the polls and do away with this destructive legislation.

The We Are Ohio campaign is aiming to collect over 230,000 valid signatures and put a citizen’s veto of SB 5 on the ballot next November. If you are in Ohio and want to join the fight for workers’ rights, sign up here to help circulate petitions.

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