A Remarkable Achievement

by AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee  |  March 26, 2010

AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee's statement on the final passage of the health care reconciliation bill:

“AFSCME members fought hard to pass President Obama’s health care reform package. We are grateful to President Obama, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi for their leadership and commitment throughout this entire process. Health care reform is a remarkable achievement. This victory will protect and improve good union health care benefits. It stops the worst abuses of the insurance companies. It gives workers and families without coverage on-the-job access to affordable health care. It ends skyrocketing premiums and caps on benefits. It helps seniors by strengthening Medicare and helps preserve employer coverage for early retirees. It provides critical new funding to states.
“But working families need more help from Washington. We still have important work that needs to be done. Too many Americans are struggling to cope in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Millions are out of work. State and local governments are cutting services to the bone. AFSCME is going to continue the fight to create jobs and restore our economy. Working together, we had a great victory on health care reform. Now, let’s put America back to work. Let’s Make America Happen.
“AFSCME spent more than $10 million on the largest mobilization campaign in our history to pass health care reform. More than 300,000 phone calls and letters were sent to Congress. We used texting and new media. We put ads on TV, online and in the papers. We marched, we lobbied and we prevailed.”
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