A Win for NYC and Good Government

by Kate Childs Graham  |  December 14, 2011

By any measure, a government is good only if it is accountable, transparent and fair. Last week, the New York City Council affirmed this sentiment, despite opposition from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

On Wednesday, the mayor vetoed Intro 624-A, a bill that safeguards taxpayer dollars, public services and public workers. In an effort to repair a procurement system previously wrought with corruption, now the city must notify unions when a contract threatens to displace city workers.   

In a word, this bill would assure that New York City’s government is good. And Mayor Bloomberg vetoed it. This after a number of reports surfaced that his administration paid millions to crooked consultants.

However, the city council stepped in, voting unanimously to override the veto. Members of the city council understand the vital role public service workers play in the Big Apple. They know that when public workers are displaced because of city contracts, it is New York taxpayers who suffer.

The city council members know this because AFSCME’s own District Council 37 has been telling them. For eight years, the union has been alerting the city to the broken procurement system and the resulting multi-billion dollar waste.

DC 37 Executive Director Lillian Roberts, also an AFSCME International vice president, applauded the vote: “This vote puts in place the necessary checks and balances protecting taxpayers’ dollars, public services and the dedicated public employees who provide them.”

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