AFL-CIO Sec.-Treas. Shuler Dives into the Next Wave

by John Noonan  |  July 10, 2011

AFL-CIO Sec.-Treas. Liz Shuler
AFL-CIO Sec.-Treas. Liz Shuler addresses young AFSCME activists at the Next Wave Conference in Atlanta. (Photo by Alex Jones)

Today in Atlanta Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer of the national AFL-CIO, addressed more than 600 young AFSCME activists at the union’s Next Wave Conference. The conference is part of the Next Wave program which aims to engage members age 35 and under and to develop the next generation of AFSCME leaders.

Secretary-Treasurer Shuler’s message to our young leaders was simple: To win the fights we face against extreme right-wing politicians and their corporate funders, Next Wavers must continue to be the tip of the spear that carries us to victory.

With nine recall elections taking place in Wisconsin, a looming citizens’ veto of an anti-middle class law in Ohio, and countless other attacks across the country, AFSCME and the entire labor movement must pull together to harness the power, energy and passion of young activists to sustain and grow the Main Street Movement.

Speaking about the role of Next Wavers in the future of AFSCME and the labor movement Secretary-Treasurer Shuler said, “We have a lot of work in front of us and our movement needs you. You and your brothers and sisters are the ones who will build a Main Street Movement around the belief that decent pay, fair treatment, job safety and health and retirement benefits are not too much to ask.”

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