AFSCME’s Kansas/Missouri Council 72 Steps Boldly Into the Future

by Clyde Weiss  |  January 08, 2013

Delegates to AFSCME Council 72’s special convention in December approved a revised constitution, elected new officers and recognized outstanding performance of two of its members.

The union represents more than 20,000 public service employees who work for states, counties, municipalities and other political subdivisions. Council 72 also represents a large and growing number of workers who provide home care and child care services in their communities.

Thirty-six delegates, plus guests, attended the convention in Columbia, Mo., on Dec. 19. Among the amendments they approved to their newly revised constitution involves restructuring the makeup of the officers and executive board. Among those elected to new posts:

  • Michelle Mason, president of Local 2730, was elected council president. The direct care attendant at Bellefontaine Habilitation Center in St. Louis was unopposed.
  • Jeff Mazur, who was serving as the council’s acting executive director, was elected director. Mazur, also a member of Local 876, was unopposed.

Two Council 72 members also were recognized for their contributions to the council and their local unions:

Jennifer Hargreaves, a member of Local 622, was presented with the council’s organizing award in recognition of her efforts to increase the local’s membership by approximately 28 percent this year. The local represents developmental disability workers at the Nevada Habilitation Center in Nevada, Mo.

Nispa Bryant, past president of Local 3160 in Kansas City, Mo., was honored with the council’s Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her years of service to her union. A direct care staffer working in Kansas City, Mo., Bryant has been a Council 72 member since 1996.

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders congratulated the newly elected officers, award recipients and the members of Council 72 for their achievements. “Your sisters and brothers throughout AFSCME salute you for taking this step to build an even stronger union. At a time when public sector unions are threatened by right-wing, corporate-driven lawmakers intent on weakening the rights of workers, you have demonstrated a commitment to work together on behalf of your members to build a union we can all be proud of. Congratulations!”

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