AFSCME Michigan Stands Up for Education

April 28, 2011

Across Michigan education, families and working people are under attack. This week AFSCME responded to Governor Rick Snyder’s devastating proposed cuts to education: he proposed stripping $900 million from K-12 school funding. University budgets are also facing deep cuts of at least 15%.

AFSCME members and leaders are standing up to the governor’s radical proposal, and speaking out for Michigan’s kids, families and communities.

“Instead of a vision to build our state, Gov. Snyder’s education proposal ruins our children’s future just as greedy Wall Street banks ruined the economy for millions of Americans,” Al Garrett, president of AFSCME Council 25 said this week. “By taking millions of dollars away from children’s education to pay for greedy CEO tax cuts, Snyder’s proposal undercuts the ability of working families to get ahead in these tough economic times.”

This isn’t the first time anti-worker politicians in Michigan have attacked the people. As reported on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Gov. Snyder and his cronies are attacking education, stripping Michigan residents of their rights and putting families at risk left and right.

Michigan residents, please call 1-888-793-3601, or visit, and tell your legislators to focus on jobs and Michigan’s future, not destroying our children’s education. If you don’t live in Michigan, you can still make your voices heard by telling the readers of the Detroit Free Press that you oppose the governor’s devastating attacks on public education.

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