AFSCME's Generations Come Together

June 30, 2010

AFSCME Retirees laid the foundations for our union, and Next Wavers — members age 35 and younger — are building upon that legacy. Tuesday, representatives of both groups met on stage to highlight the commitment of AFSCME activists across the board. Retirees Phyllis Zamarripa (CO Chapter 76) and Howard Van Kleef (OH Chapter 1184), along with Next Wave activists Tamika Nared, Local 1439 (PA Council 13), and Elvyss Arguetta, Local 88 (OR Council 75) starred in a video showing their recent cross-country trip visiting local affiliates. Their goal: to experience AFSCME through its history, activism, lobbying and organizing efforts.

The camaraderie they displayed showed how generations of AFSCME leaders can learn from each other to improve the lives of working people.

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