An Affront to Democracy

March 10, 2011

Stand with Wisconsin workers

This urgent message comes from Pres. Gerald W. McEntee and Sec.-Treas. Lee A. Saunders.

What happened in Wisconsin over the last day is a travesty. It’s truly outrageous.

After losing in the court of public opinion, after ignoring the hundreds of thousands of citizens who have been protesting this bill since it was introduced last month, and after failing to break the Democratic senators’ principled stand to block this measure, Wisconsin Senate Republicans used legislative tricks to ram through Governor Walker's bill — wiping out collective bargaining rights for nurses, teachers, EMTs and other trusted public employees. It was an affront to everyone who believes in basic American values like fairness, democracy and rights for working people.

We expect the Assembly to pass the bill and for Governor Walker to sign the bill very soon. It will be a setback. But the people of Wisconsin, with our help — with your help — will fight on.

Our sisters and brothers in Wisconsin have already started a massive, grassroots campaign to recall Republican lawmakers who gamed the system Wednesday night — and left the people and our democracy out in the cold.

The single most effective thing you can do to help right now is make a donation to AFSCME Wisconsin Council 11. Your support will help them take their state back, and help us take our country back. Show your support for the recall and your AFSCME sisters and brothers by making a secure online donation today.

You can also stay connected with us for the latest news and information on what's happening in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and elsewhere across the country. Sign up for AFSCME mobile alerts by texting "join" to 237263 ("AFSCME") or join our Facebook community at

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