Bad-Faith Bargaining Doesn’t Deter City Workers

by David Patterson and Carli Stevenson  |  February 13, 2015

Bad-Faith Bargaining Doesn’t Deter City Workers

LEXINGTON, Ky. – More than two years after the 120 workers at Lexington Waste Management voted to form a union with AFSCME, they’ve won another battle to maintain their union and settle their first union agreement – no thanks to the management that sought to break up the united group of city employees.

Not content to string along workers and refuse to negotiate in good faith, management pushed hard for another vote from its employees – hoping to decertify the union and avoid a union agreement. But thanks to a strong organizing committee and local union officers, AFSCME Local 4468 members overwhelmingly beat back those efforts, choosing to stay with AFSCME by a 3-to-1 margin.

"When we come together as one, we can accomplish anything,” said Local 4468 Pres. Dion Henry after the successful vote.

The recent victory has now paved the way for a new – and first – negotiated union agreement. The union is putting the final touches on the contract, which includes improved workplace policies, uniform and supply allowances and a new grievance procedure. The membership will then vote to ratify the agreement.

“We have worked long and hard to maintain our strength and unity over the last couple years,” said Henry. “We are fighting to get this agreement done with management and we are proud to be a part of AFSCME.”

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