California = No-ALEC Zone

by Kevin Brown  |  July 20, 2015

California = No-ALEC Zone As the right-wing ALEC and its corporate allies assemble in San Diego this week, they will be met by thousands of demonstrators sending a message that “California is a no-ALEC zone.”

SAN DIEGO – As the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its corporate allies assemble here this month, they will be met by thousands of demonstrators sending a message that “California is a no-ALEC zone.”

“ALEC works to pass laws that make the lives of Americans harder,” said Doug Moore, executive director of AFSCME’s United Domestic Workers and also an AFSCME International vice president. “We do things differently here in California; we are raising the minimum wage, protecting our families, educating our children and respecting the rights of all Californians.”

ALEC for decades has created anti-worker “model” legislation, including the “right to work” scam, and building a network of right-wing state legislators who want to slash wages, cut retirement, weaken health and safety, harm the environment, and destroy the middle class.

Thousands of workers, community groups, faith-based leaders, and progressives will gather together at the site of ALEC’s conference to make it clear they are not welcome in California.

 “We are coming together to let ALEC know that their harmful agenda isn’t wanted here, and so that we can let other American families know we stand with them,” Moore said. “Together we can ensure ALEC and their allies do not have power here.”

NBC’s Atlanta affiliate recently exposed ALEC for its secret dealing with Georgia legislators. A panel will be held the day following the rally to discuss how such deals can hurt working families and our communities. 

Here's a funny edited look as well at ALEC's newest promotional video. 

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