Florida AFSCME Members Protest Anti-Worker Bills

March 29, 2011

AFSCME Florida Lobby Day
LET’S PULL TOGETHER — AFSCME Florida members and supporters protest Gov. Rick Scott’s anti-union agenda. (Photo credit: PJ Dowsing-Buie)

Close to 2,000 AFSCME members and progressive allies from across the Florida Panhandle held a massive rally in Tallahassee today to protest Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s anti-worker policies.

Scott and his allies have been ramming bills through the Republican-controlled state Legislature that directly attack unions and public service workers. Last week, the Florida House voted to ban automatic payroll deductions of union dues for all government employees. House Bill 1021 would also require written authorization by union members for their dues to be used for any political activities.

Another bill introduced in the House would require unions that represent less than half of an organization’s members to file for recertification.

“This is not the first, nor the last attempt at union busting this session,” said Rep. Franklin Sands, D-Weston, during the House debate.

“Gov. Scott’s anti-worker policy proposals are deeply unpopular with voters and they are the wrong priorities for our hard hit state,” adds AFSCME Council 79 President Jeanette Wynn. “Floridians want politicians to work together to create jobs and strengthen the economy. Instead Gov. Scott is giving new tax breaks to millionaires and launching an all-out assault on the collective bargaining rights and economic security of hardworking teachers, nurses and firefighters.”

Council 79 members organized the rally and lobby day to educate the public about these anti-worker measures and stop the Legislature from passing them.

See a photo gallery from Tuesday’s events in Tallahassee and watch a brief video here:

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