Four More Law Enforcement Officers Shot in Line of Duty

by Clyde Weiss  |  March 18, 2016

Four More Law Enforcement Officers Shot in Line of Duty

Four police officers in Chicago and Fort Worth, Texas, were injured in shootings this week, one critically, demonstrating once again the heroism of first responders who place their lives at risk every day while protecting their communities.

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders said these shootings and the death earlier this month of Maryland Police Officer Jacai Colson, who was shot during a gun battle with a suspect who fired on a police station, are tragic reminders of the dangers that law enforcement officers face on a routine basis.

“AFSCME is saddened by these shootings,” Saunders said. “We owe much to the brave women and men willing to rush to scenes of violence in order to protect their fellow citizens. We call on elected representatives to make sure police officers and other first responders have everything they need to keep themselves as safe as possible while placing themselves in harm’s way.”

On Tuesday, March 15, Matt Pearce, a patrol officer in the West Division of the Fort Worth, Texas, police department, was shot seven times and critically injured while pursuing a suspect. Pearce, who was wearing body armor at the time, remained in critical condition on Thursday.

On Monday, March 14, three Chicago police officers were shot and injured by a suspected gang member with a lengthy arrest record. The officers, who were not identified, fatally shot the suspect in a gun battle outside an apartment building. Two of the officers were treated and released from a hospital, while a third was reported in serious condition.


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