GOP Convention Theme: Another Distortion of the Truth

by Clyde Weiss  |  August 23, 2012

Tampa Bay Times Forum
Tampa Bay Times Forum (Photo by Matthew Paulson)

Republicans will host their national convention in Tampa next week and in keeping with their commitment to undermine and distort the words of President Obama whenever possible, they have adopted for Tuesday’s events the theme, “We Built It” – a phrase taken out of context from remarks the President made earlier this summer about the crucial role of government in the development and growth of any business.

Demonstrating the utter hypocrisy of government-bashing right-wingers, Media Matters bloggers Caitlin Ginley and Eric Hananoki write:

“The selection of the Republican convention site actually proves President Obama’s point about the role of government assistance. The construction of the Tampa Bay Times Forum was majority financed by the public; the arena is owned by local government; and the Republican convention has received tens of millions in government funds to help with costs and security.”

If public funds helped build the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the GOP will hold its convention, then the theme “We Built It” makes no sense. Yes, private business built the Forum – but the taxpayers made that happen.

Read the full Media Matters column here.

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