Hillary Makes Splash in North Florida

by Mark McCullough  |  February 19, 2016

Hillary Makes Splash in North Florida AFSCME retirees are front and center at the opening of Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Tallahassee. (Photo by Anita Hannan)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Nearly two dozen AFSCME Retirees were among more than 200 people who showed up on a recent crisp February winter morning to help open the Hillary for America campaign office just a short walk from the state Capitol.

“This turnout really showed how eager people are to get involved in this campaign to elect Secretary Clinton as the 45th President of the United States,” said AFSCME retiree Dave Jacobsen, a former state employee and current AFSCME Retiree Subchapter 43 president. “No flashy speakers or gimmicks, just classic word-of-mouth organizing got everyone from retirees like myself to some of our college and high school activists out as well.”

In fact, there was such grassroots demand for the office to open that the event happened even before the local campaign field organizer made it to town! But plenty of photos were taken, the local NPR station came out and the Tallahassee Democrat published photos for its readers.  

“People here in North Florida understand we need a President who can tackle all the issues our country faces from day one, and so people were happy to bring out the refreshments, snacks and spread the word,” said Marty Monroe, a former teacher and retiree activist who spearheaded the event. 

The office is housed in the historic law offices of well-known progressive activist and attorney Marilyn Morris. Volunteers have already launched door-to-door canvassing and set phone-calling shifts for almost every day of the week.

“With about half the vote in by Election Day, thanks to early voting and vote by mail, we really don’t have one final get-out-the-vote effort, but a month-long push,” said Jacobsen. “Secretary Clinton has fought for working families and organized labor her whole career, so the response we have been getting has been overwhelmingly positive and has made it clear that this part of the state is going to be overwhelmingly voting for her in our presidential primary.”

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