Illinois Governor Terminates State Contract, AFSCME Responds

by Kate Childs Graham  |  December 04, 2012

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has terminated AFSCME’s collective bargaining contract with the state.

Late last month, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn terminated AFSCME’s collective bargaining agreement with the state. He offered no warning, no explanation and now some 35,000 employees are without the protection of a union contract.

With this move, Quinn – a Democrat – is taking a page from the union-busting playbook of Scott Walker and John Kasich. Like these governors, he wants to eliminate union rights for state employees – to the detriment of both the workers and the communities they serve.

In a message to members, Council 31 Executive Director Henry Bayer wrote, “Illinois’ Democratic governor, Pat Quinn, is following in the footsteps of Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker, in trying to weaken collective bargaining rights for all public sector employees.”

AFSCME Council 31 is fighting the governor’s actions. They are asking for statements of support from community members who rely on the work of the state employees.

Like in Wisconsin, the workers of Illinois need your help. Please sign a statement of support for Illinois state employees in their battle with the governor.

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