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Is There a Doctor in the House (of Labor)? Yes, More than Ever!

April 08, 2011

For the second time this year, doctors in California have voted to join the Union of American Physicians and Dentists, an affiliate of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

On Wednesday, April 6, a unit of 60 medical doctors working in public clinics and hospitals in Kern County voted for union representation by UAPD, the nation’s largest union representing licensed doctors in the U.S. This win comes on the heels of 78 medical professionals (medical doctors, dentists and nurse practitioners) at the Northeast Valley Community Health Care Clinics in Los Angeles, CA voting to join UAPD in March.

Doctors and other medical professionals are seeking to join UAPD for a wide-range of reasons, including to regain control over the quality of medical care they provide to the public.

AFSCME — the nation’s largest union of public service workers — has long led the fight to improve the nation’s health care system. In addition to advocating for improving workplace conditions and ensuring quality delivery of care for America’s health care providers, the union has been a leading champion of health care reforms to benefit all Americans.

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