Last Push by AFSCME Members Standing Up for Main Street

by Kate Childs Graham  |  November 06, 2012

Sec.-Treas. Laura Reyes
Sec.-Treas. Laura Reyes joined AFSCME members at a house party in Pueblo, Colo. (Photo by Bryan Kelsen)

AFSCME VotesThis weekend in San Diego, before the sun even rose, a group of AFSCME members gathered to get out the vote for Pres. Barack Obama and state and local candidates and ballot proposals supportive of working families. Before they left, AFSCME Sec.-Treas. Laura Reyes fired them up. “Though this election’s end is just hours away, we can’t stop yet. We need to make every minute count today.”

These final 48 hours have been a whirlwind of activity for AFSCME members across the country.

In Ohio, canvassing is a family affair. OAPSE member Diana Vernon brought her children Taylor and Megan to knock on doors with an armful of literature on Issue 2. AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders told volunteers, “If we do all we can, if we pull together, we will win a victory today that will help build a better future for every American family.”

Pres. Lee Saunders
Pres. Lee Saunders kicks off the Election Day canvass in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Erick Sanchez)

In Colorado, Josette Jaramillo of Council 76 hosted a “Women for Obama” house party on Sunday night, which Reyes attended. Earlier, District Council 37 member Carmen Flores hosted two parties at a New York senior center. Parties were also held for AFSCME Maryland retirees and UDW members in California, with Geraldine Cross-White and Sharon DuChessi hosting respectively.

In Connecticut, Council 4 members got their dialing fingers ready early this morning. They have spent the day phone banking supporters of President Obama and Senate-hopeful Chris Murphy, reminding them to get to the polls.

OAPSE volunteers
OAPSE member Diana Vernon (in the AFSCME shirt) with her daughters, Taylor and Megan, and sister-in-law Sharon Erick. (Photo by Joe Weidner)

In Florida, where voter suppression tactics have reared their ugly head, AFSCME volunteers have kept a close eye at polling locations. One volunteer met Timothy Miller, a man with a disability, and his home care provider Angelica James. She asked Miller why he came out to vote, to which he said quietly, “To have a voice.”

In Philadelphia, members of DC 33 and DC 47 blanketed the city with literature, to get out the vote for President Obama.

Whether on doors, on phones or at the polls, AFSCME members have one, clear message: The election matters. Your voice matters. Your vote matters.

Don’t forget to vote today. To find your polling place, visit

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