“Let’s Talk About Facts”

July 15, 2010

Watch AFSCME Director of Research Kerry Korpi stand up to attacks on public employees and our pensions during an appearance on CNBC. At issue: should states cut public pensions to balance ballooning budgets? Despite being outnumbered 3 against 1, Korpi didn't let a single myth or untruth — and there were plenty of them — go unchecked.

"Our members have taken furloughs in a number of states, they've taken layoffs, wage freezes and cuts in pensions. When we're talking about public employee pensions, let's talk about facts. The average member of AFSCME makes a pension of about $20,000. That's after a career of service contributing anywhere from 4% to 8% of their salary, year in and year out. A number of those folks don't get Social Security, so that pension is all they've got in retirement."

Watch the full segment:

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