Maryland Council 3 Holds Founding Convention

by Joye Barksdale  |  December 21, 2012

Maryland Council 3 Holds Founding Convention AFSCME Maryland Council 3 officers are sworn-in during the council’s founding convention in Columbia, Md.

A new page in AFSCME history has been written:  the union’s newest council is Maryland Council 3, which held its founding convention Dec.  14-15 in Columbia, Md.

More than 150 delegates attended, representing more than 24,000 state and university, and private sector, employees. They ratified their first constitution and elected a slate of officers – including Pres. Patrick Moran (Local 770), Sec.-Treas. Flo Jones (Local 112), Executive Vice Pres. 2 Mo Said (Local 539), Executive Vice Pres. 3 Lisa Henson (Local 1427) and Executive Vice Pres. 4 Ron Lohr (Local 898). Delegates also elected region board members, unit board members and trustees.

Council 3 represents state government workers from more than a dozen departments and agencies and university campuses.

Aside from handling official business, the delegates also heard from Pres. Lee Saunders. Council 3 is the reconstituted Council 982, which went into “Organizing Committee Status” five years ago to reorganize and rebuild. At that time, the council had fewer than 9,000 members. Today it represents more than 24,000 state and university employees.

“This council is almost three times larger than it was…in 2007,” Saunders said. “Three times bigger – and it is a model for other councils in our union. You’ve been through a lot. But today, you, the new leaders and activists, have the right and responsibility to run this union – your union.”

Saunders mentioned several highlights in the council’s recent history, including winning fair share and a Correctional Officers Bill of Rights, and stopping furloughs and pay cuts in 2011.

International Vice Pres. and Exec. Dir. of Council 67 Glenard S. Middleton, Sr., also spoke, applauding Council 3’s victories and encouraging the delegates to keep leading the way in Maryland.

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