Michiganders: Change Constitution to Protect Collective Bargaining

March 30, 2011

Last year, Michigan voters helped Gov. Rick Snyder (R) win a decisive victory. Now, they’re sending him a different message: they don’t like last week’s passage of the financial martial law bill that allows Snyder to appoint “emergency financial managers” who can terminate collective bargaining.

A new poll finds that 59 percent of Michigan citizens believe that public service workers should have collective bargaining rights, while only 32 percent are opposed. Michigan voters, by 49 to 37 percent, are also in favor of a state constitutional amendment to guarantee collective bargaining rights.

The poll results prove that Michigan residents see Snyder’s actions exactly for what they are:  a way to sidestep the Constitution – which severely limits states’ ability to nullify contracts between the government and a private party – so that he can go after unions and chip away at workers’ basic rights.

Pay attention to the poll, Governor Snyder. The people in your state aren’t stupid.

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