Millions of Workers Can’t Be Wrong

February 04, 2009

Asela Espiritu
Asela Espiritu, UNAC/UHCP
(Photo by Luis Gómez)

Earlier today, thousands of union members rallied on Capitol Hill to demand a voice at the workplace. Not for themselves, but for millions of American workers who would like to have a union and the chance to bargain for a better future for themselves and their families. Representing workers from across the country, marchers delivered hundreds of thousands of signed petitions demanding that Congress pass the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would allow them to form a union by signing cards authorizing union representation without being harassed by employers. Asela Espiritu, a registered nurse in Orange County and member of United Nurses Association of California/Union of Health Care Professionals, was there to share the story of how her union organized successfully through majority sign-up:

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that providing good benefits and a voice at the workplace creates loyal, hardworking employees. This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue. It is an American issue.”

After all, more than 78 percent of Americans support strong laws that make it easier for employees to bargain for better health care, pensions, wages and working conditions. Millions of workers can’t be wrong in wanting a ticket to the middle class and job security. In these times of economic need, union membership brings better benefits, fair wages and a real voice on the job. Now the ball is in Congress’ court. Tell your legislators to do the right thing and make the Employee Free Choice Act their priority.

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