Missouri EMS Pros Vote to Join AFSCME

by Michael Bookman  |  June 27, 2014

Missouri EMS Pros Vote to Join AFSCME

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – With an overwhelming majority voting “yes” this week, EMS professionals at AMR-Independence/South Platte are now part of EMS Workers United-AFSCME, the nation's fastest growing union for emergency medical personnel.

"After all of our hard work these past few months, this is a big moment for us," said Laura Cain, a paramedic and an active member of the union’s organizing committee. Coming from a strong union family, with firefighter brothers and an autoworker dad, Cain says she knows that the election marks a beginning and is ready for the challenges ahead.

"We knew when we started this, things wouldn't be easy,” Cain says. “This has always been about elevating the EMS profession and that's what we're going to do."

The work of EMS professionals is often unheralded. But their work is extremely valuable, and the sacrifices they make ought to be recognized.

"EMS doesn't get the publicity that other first responders get," said Jason Rivera, an EMT in South Platte. "And that's okay. More than publicity, we're looking for respect. We want to sit down with our employers and local officials and discuss how we can improve EMS in our communities. Now that we have our union, we can do just that."

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