Missouri Workers Deliver Signatures to Defend their Rights

by Pablo Ros  |  March 07, 2014

Missouri Workers Deliver Signatures to Defend their Rights

Union workers recently delivered nearly 7,000 handwritten and individual letters to state House Speaker Tim Jones, demanding he reject a right-to-work-for-less proposal intended to harm working families.

Right-to-work schemes – or what we call right-to-work-for-less schemes – are intended to defund labor unions by taking away their ability to collect dues from their members. In Missouri, the right-to-work-for-less bill, HB 1099, was the first to receive a hearing this year.

Volunteers carted the thousands of letters against the measure into the speaker’s office and stacked them on the floor.

“We need to be building an economy that works for everyone,” said Progress Missouri Executive Dir. Sean Nicholson, who also called for a ceasefire on political attacks against workers. Progress Missouri helped collect the letters.

Behind the right-to-work-for-less bill are interest groups, most notably ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), whose mission is to destroy labor unions, lower wages for working families, and silence workers’ voices on the job. Letter writers called attention to the fact the bill’s authors are solely motivated by partisan politics and undermining workers’ rights.

The Missouri Legislature is also set to consider other anti-worker legislation, including bills that would have a detrimental effect on wages and workers’ compensation laws.


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