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New Poll: Americans Concerned About Unfair Tax Policy That Aids the Wealthy

by Clyde Weiss  |  February 06, 2012

The public – Republicans included – is alarmed by severe economic inequality in America, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. The survey reveals Americans are ready to see the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes. They are also troubled by Mitt Romney’s recent revelation that he pays less than 14 percent in taxes.

Here are the key points in the poll, conducted Feb. 1 through Feb. 4 and based on a random national sample of 1,000 adults:

  • A whopping 68 percent say the current U.S. tax system is stacked in favor of the wealthy. A strong majority – 56 percent – feel strongly about that.
  • An even greater 72 percent support raising taxes on those with incomes higher than $1 million annually (59 percent strongly feel that way).
  • By a 66 to 30 percent margin, those polled say Romney does not pay his fair share of taxes, based on his nearly 14 percent tax rate in 2010. Nearly half of Republicans polled also agree with that statement.
  • By a 10-point margin (52 to 42 percent), President Obama leads Romney when asked who they trust to do a better job on handling taxes.
  • Asked who they trust to “protect the middle class,” President Obama led Romney by 55 percent to 37 percent.

The nation’s fragile economy is starting to rebound, and the key to the recovery is a strong middle class. As the Washington Post-ABC News poll demonstrates, Americans by strong majorities believe President Obama is the right leader to keep America on track through this recovery. AFSCME believes that, too. That’s why our International Executive Board has endorsed President Obama for re-election.

Read more about the poll here.

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