New Year Resolutions: Stick Together!

by Pablo Ros  |  January 05, 2016

Exercise more. Eat healthier. Spend more time with family.

Most of us already have these on our list of 2016 New Year resolutions. But as AFSCME members, we want to make the most of the year ahead. We want to make sure it’s not just a good but a great year for our families, our jobs and our futures.

The year 2016 has been shaping up to be the most important for AFSCME members in a long time. A key labor case to be heard next week before the U.S. Supreme Court and the November general elections offer opportunities to strengthen our families and our union. If we commit to work hard, we can make 2016 a memorable year, one in which, working together, we can win.  

Here are five resolutions we’ll commit to this year as union members:

  1. Never quit. Public service is not just a job, it’s a calling. And because as public workers we never quit, our union never quits either. Because we do our jobs to serve our communities, as union members we’ll never quit. We will join together and fight to improve the services we provide, ensure our rights in the workplace are respected, and improve our pay and benefits.
  2. We’ll make this election about us and our families. The 2016 general elections are about the fate of America’s middle class. Rising inequality in our country means our economy is out of balance, and the rich are manipulating the rules to their advantage, at our expense. When we go into the voting booth this year, we’ll think about our jobs and our families and vote for the candidates who support us.
  3. We won’t let corporate interests destroy us. An upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case threatens to seriously hamper our ability to come together to demand better pay and benefits. This case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, is funded by corporate interests and the richest 1 percent who are out to destroy labor unions. No matter what the outcome in Friedrichs, we will continue to fight to strengthen our union.
  4. Become a full member of AFSCME. Just because you’re paying the union doesn’t mean you’re a full member of AFSCME (you may be a fair share fee payer). By becoming a full member, you can attend union meetings and make your voice heard. You can also gain exclusive benefits offered to full union members. To become a full member, contact your AFSCME local or council.
  5. Learn more about PEOPLE. AFSCME PEOPLE is our union’s political action fund, and it is our way to support candidates who stand with working families. Only by joining together can we compete against the billionaires who dominate politics. Standing on the sidelines is not an option. Too much is at stake. 
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