Next Wave: We Are What Democracy Looks Like!

June 24, 2011

Casey Karns
Casey Karns, AFSCME Local 1050 (Council 13), at the 2009 Next Wave Conference in Chicago.

Casey Karns is a member of AFSCME Local 1050 in Venango County, PA, and chair of Council 13’s Next Wave Steering Committee.

AFSCME’s Next Wave stands tall in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and across the nation where workers’ rights and working families are under attack. As young unionists, 35ish and under, we’re stepping up and helping build a Main Street Movement that pushes back when radical politicians trample our rights or attack our communities.

When I first jumped into the AFSCME Next Wave, my intention was just to get my feet wet. I soon found myself surfing that wave with my peers. I attended AFSCME’s first International Next Wave Conference in Chicago in 2009.

I would now call that my defining moment — I came home to my local and council with a wealth of knowledge and energy. The whole experience empowered me. And now, more than ever, my fellow Next Wavers and I need the knowledge and empowerment to fight back for working families. We are facing a tough road ahead and need all hands on deck!

Next month we will hold our second Next Wave Conference July 8 to 10 in Atlanta. We’ll build our skills so that we can win the fight for a better future and put an end to the attacks on AFSCME members from corporate-backed forces.

If you’re a Next Waver, will you join me in Atlanta? It’s sure to be a blast and together we can win!

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