“No” Vote Means Repeal Senate Bill 5

by Jon Melegrito  |  August 04, 2011

Repeal SB 5We Are Ohio volunteers, union members and community supporters hailed yesterday’s decision by the Ballot Board. The board approved ballot language so that a “No” vote would count toward repealing Senate Bill 5 (SB 5) – the law that strips workers of collective bargaining rights.

The wording is significant because it avoids voter confusion and allows Ohioans the opportunity to exercise their right to a citizen’s veto of the radical, anti-worker law.

The SB 5 referendum will be issue #2 on the November ballot.

Shortly after the board’s announcement, We Are Ohio released a statement commending the board for following the Ohio Constitution and legal precedent:

“While our opposition may try to play political tricks to confuse voters, today’s decision will make that harder. Now that another hurdle has been cleared, We Are Ohio is focused on making sure our more than 1.3 million supporters know to vote ‘No’ on issue 2 in November.”

Signed into law on March 31, the legislation was prevented from becoming effective after Ohio’s Secretary of State certified 915,456 of the 1.3 million signatures collected – much more than the 231,147 required to place the referendum on the ballot.

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