Ohio Workers Protest Effort to Make State “Right-to-Work-for-Less”

by David Patterson  |  February 11, 2013

Ohio Workers Protest Effort to Make State “Right-to-Work-for-Less” AFSCME members joined other activists at a “No Rights At Work” rally to fight back against tea-party efforts to put “right-to-work-for-less” legislation on the ballot.

ASHLAND, Ohio — AFSCME members of Council 8 and OCSEA joined with other activists at a “No Rights At Work” rally in Ashland, Ohio, recently to push back against tea-party activists bent on turning the Buckeye State into the country’s 25th “right-to-work-for-less” state.

The rally and press conference occurred in front of a building used by the tea party – to train its followers on how to collect petitions to put so-called right-to-work on the ballot.

Speakers at the rally said that these efforts are an insult to the hardworking people of Ohio and that such laws result in more injuries and deaths on the job, as well as lower wages for workers.

Dan Mapes, vice president of AFSCME Local 3088 for the City of Mansfield, told reporters that now is not the time to push an anti-worker agenda like right-to-work-for-less while Ohioans are struggling to find work and dig out of the Great Recession.

“The City of Mansfield has had a rough time over the last few years,” said Mapes. “Mansfield has had several rounds of layoffs, and the remaining city workers have to scramble to maintain city services.”

“‘No Rights at Work’ kills jobs and will weaken our communities,” said Bob White, a corrections sergeant at nearby Richland Correctional Institution and OCSEA member. “We need to value the hard work and the people who built our state and nation. If we stand together to protect good-paying jobs in our community then you, me and all of us will be stronger.”

Learn more about right-to-work-for-less laws here.

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