Paul Ryan Acceptance Speech Light on Reality

August 30, 2012

Rep. Paul Ryan
Rep. Paul Ryan

Yesterday in Tampa, Fla., Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin accepted the Republican nomination for Vice President of the United States then gave a speech that underscored his hostility to the realities facing America’s working families and seniors.

“Medicare is a promise and we will honor it,” Ryan claimed during his speech.

This despite the fact that Ryan’s budget – praised by Presidential nominee Mitt Romney as “marvelous” – hacks funding from Medicare and converts it to a risky voucher program, putting seniors health care at risk. And no word about Medicaid, which he wants to slash by $750 billion, jeopardizing the coverage of tens of millions of low-income children and disabled adults.

Wisconsin retiree Tom Thornton offered this comment on his home state congressman:

“Paul Ryan has been a leading voice in the worst Congress in history. His radical budget proposals would turn Medicare into a risky voucher program for the next generation of retirees and cut so much from Medicaid that millions of seniors may be thrown out of nursing homes. He would tear seniors’ safety net to shreds.

“Paul Ryan has spent his time in Congress representing the Koch brothers and the Wall Street billionaires instead of fighting for the middle class. That’s why he supports privatizing Social Security and overturning the important benefits passed under Obamacare. Now, Ryan wants us to believe he cares about jobs and seniors, but his record is far different than his rhetoric. No one should be fooled,” Thornton concluded.

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