Philadelphia Workers Drive Their Message Home to Nutter, Literally

by Pablo Ros  |  November 16, 2012

Philadelphia city workers drove home their message to Mayor Michael Nutter. Literally.

The members of AFSCME District Councils 33 and 47 Wednesday night staged a candlelight vigil right outside the mayor’s house to once again speak out for fairness and respect. Their message? We rejected Mitt Romney’s 1 percent agenda at the polls and now we stand against your Romney-esque agenda.

The public workers are fed up with being disrespected by an elected official who has more love for corporations than for his own people. The hundreds of AFSCME members, joined by community leaders and allies, demanded a better Philadelphia for ALL.

Video by Steve Mora, AFSCME District Council 47.

“The hard-working men and women of this city deserve our respect,” said DC 33 Pres. Pete Matthews. “They continue to go to work, moving our great city forward, yet they are struggling to get by, like all Philadelphians. We need a mayor who will stand with the people and not the corporations.”

Added DC 47 Pres. Cathy Scott, “Our communities are suffering under this 1 percent agenda. We stand today against the same policies that drove us to the polls last week to deny Mitt Romney the White House. Mayor Nutter needs to hear what we said at the polls and realize that we want a Philadelphia that is fair for all of its citizens.”

“As a librarian, I have dedicated my life to building a better Philadelphia for all its people,” said AFSCME DC 47 member Irene Wright. “Even after we came out in droves last week to re-elect Barack Obama, Mayor Nutter continues to promote policies that favor the few. We, the people, demand better for our city.”

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