President Saunders in Ohio to Boost Hillary

by John Noonan  |  March 15, 2016

President Saunders in Ohio to Boost Hillary President Saunders and AFSCME members at Cleveland Heights High School and Caledonia Elementary. Photo credit: Boyd McCamish

CLEVELAND – AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders went home to Cleveland, March 14, to talk with members about the importance of electing Hillary Clinton, and was put to work helping to prepare and serve lunch to students at Cleveland Heights High School.

President Saunders, a Cleveland native, was drafted to help out when he met with AFSCME school workers to talk about the Ohio primary election, which is being held today, March 15. It was part of his tour of the state, as he emphasized how Secretary Clinton is the only candidate who can deliver real results for working families.

With polls showing the race in Ohio neck and neck, it’s important that every member gets to the polls and make their voice heard, President Saunders explained.

At Caledonia Elementary School, President Saunders warned about the extreme right-wing attacks that working families are seeing across the country – from lawmakers and from the courts backed by extremists like the billionaire Koch brothers and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). AFSCME members need a President like Hillary Clinton who will stand with us and fight for our rights, he said.

With the next President likely to appoint a minimum of two Supreme Court justices, President Saunders’ visit underlined the urgency of the moment as Ohioans headed to the polls. AFSCME members and working families need a candidate who is strong enough to stand up to Republican attacks and nominate justices to the Supreme Court who understand working people.

He urged AFSCME members and families across Ohio to vote today to ensure that working families are represented in the primary election. 

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