Prison Privatization Fails in Florida Senate

by Erick Sanchez  |  February 14, 2012

Today, the Florida Senate handed Gov. Rick Scott a major defeat and Florida's working families a huge victory by rejecting Senate Bill 2038, which would have privatized 27 prisons and work camps, the largest such privatization effort to date in the U.S. After hours of heated debate pitting colleagues of the same party against each other, the fate of the legislation was sealed with a 21-19 vote in the late afternoon.

Opposition to the legislation came from every part of the political spectrum, and included Senate Republicans, the tea party and the NAACP. It was clear that the bill was bad for Florida, putting communities at risk, while eliminating good paying Florida jobs. Despite private prison companies using their influence to buy support for these measures, people won over politics to defeat this reckless bill.

Corporate-backed politicians are sure to keep pushing prison privatization efforts, but AFSCME will be there to fight back every step of the way to defend public safety and expose their anti-worker agenda.

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