Public Employees Save Family from Blaze

February 09, 2012

John Beckley and Bob Griffith
Ohio Department of Transportation Highway Technicians John Beckley (left) and Bob Griffith. (Photo by Deirdre O’Neill-Wedig, OCSEA Communications Department)

This post from Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (OCSEA)/AFSCME Local 11 was written by Deirdre O’Neill-Wedig.

An encroaching blaze didn’t stop two Ohio Department of Transportation employees from running toward danger to help save a family late last month.

John Beckley and Bob Griffith are highway technicians and members of Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (OCSEA)/AFSCME Local 11. They were on their late night shift in Carroll County on Jan. 25 when they saw a barn on a family’s property engulfed in flames. The fire also threatened nearby homes.

The men rushed to the house and woke the family, then notified the fire department, who knocked the fire down before it could spread to the home and neighboring properties.

Fire officials commended Griffith and Beckley for their quick thinking and heroic actions, as did their employer and the local newspaper.

“They saved lives and we couldn’t be prouder,” said OCSEA Chapter 1000 Pres. Sabrina Bell. Carroll County Assistant Transportation Manager Ken Manfull added, “We’re so proud of these guys.”

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