Pueblo Public Service Workers Help Neighbors, Urge Congress to Create Jobs

by Allison Padgett  |  November 10, 2011

Local 1335 members
Local 1335 members join residents and call on Congress to create jobs at a recent action in Pueblo, Colo. (Photo courtesy Pueblo Congressional Accountability Committee)

AFSCME members in Pueblo, Colo., aren’t waiting for politicians to take action to help their neighbors struggling to get by. At a recent food drive, Pueblo County workers, members of Local 1335, collected boxes of food for needy families in the community.

The food drive is also part of a month-long “Share the Burden” campaign in which public service workers and community organizations are using their volunteerism to demand that Congress create jobs to pull America of the recession.

“People in our community are suffering. We are telling our Congressman Scott Tipton that the best way to help folks is to create jobs,” said Josette Jaramillo, president of Local 1335. “It is not right that he and other politicians are only looking out for the nation’s wealthiest at the expense of the 99%.”

Tamara Trujillo, treasurer of Local 1335, also lent a hand at the recent food drive to help many of the same people she assists on the job every day as an eligibility processing clerk at the Pueblo County Department of Social Services.

Pueblo public service workers and their coalition partners plan to continue holding politicians accountable on jobs with rallies, letters to the editor of their local newspaper and other events in the community. On November 17th, the group will call on Congressman Tipton to put Pueblans back to work fixing the city’s multiple crumbling bridges.

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