Rachel Maddow Spells Out Koch Brothers’ Influence

by Clyde Weiss  |  June 29, 2011

MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow, known for her deft ability to make sense of the right-wing conspiracy against the middle class, effectively details how billionaire Tea Party financiers David and Charles Koch are buying influence among Republican governors. Their latest includes sending them to a secret, invitation-only meeting.

In this video, Maddow reports how Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) vanished during the weekend without leaving the news media any idea where he had gone. But they tracked him down at a Koch-retreat near Vail, Colo. Also there: GOP Govs. John Kasich of Ohio, Bob McDonnell of Virginia and Rick Perry of Texas. The title of the conference: “Understanding and Addressing Threats to American Enterprise and Prosperity.”

Maddow continues to note the gigantic financial role the Koch brothers have played in right-wing politics, particularly $1.2 million spent by Koch Industries, its employees and subsidiaries to elect anti-worker governors in 2010. Among their favorites that year was Wisconsin’s Scott Walker (R), who spearheaded the move to revoke the collective bargaining rights of state employees (the law goes into effect today).

Further, notes Maddow, the Koch-backed, right-wing Americans for Prosperity in Ohio is helping to finance efforts to defend a recently approved law that strips 365,000 public service workers of their collective bargaining rights (which AFSCME and our supporters are working to repeal).

Step by step, Maddow unveils the Koch-financed, right-wing conspiracy to undermine the interests of middle class America to advance their corporate interests. For more about the Koch brothers’ efforts to pull the strings of the right-wing movement, click here.

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