Romney Doesn’t See Richard and Temo. He Doesn’t Want to Pay Them Either.

by Cynthia McCabe  |  October 02, 2012

Did you meet Richard Hayes? He’s the sanitation worker who picks up the trash at Mitt Romney’s home in La Jolla, Calif. He’s one of the 47 percent that Romney says he doesn’t care about.

Temo Fuentes is part of that 47 percent, too. A fellow AFSCME member, Fuentes repairs the firetrucks that service Romney’s neighborhood. Like many public workers whose jobs Romney openly supports privatizing, Fuentes worries about how he will provide for his family if his job disappears.

Progressive blogger Marcy Wheeler says of the powerful testimonials from Temo and Richard:

“It makes the invisible consequences of Mitt’s hatred for government – and the 47 percent – visible. Fifteen tons of trash, Mitt’s trash man collects, yet Mitt thinks there should be fewer people picking up his and his neighbors’ trash.”

And it turns out, Romney also thinks he should pay a lot less than he owes for such services. Wheeler points out that immediately after Romney bought the La Jolla mansion, he claimed it lost 45 percent of its value within a year. (This loss would have made it the worst decline of all houses in his zip code for a full two years after he purchased it. Bad luck, that.) Then he hired a lawyer who helped him knock $109,000 off of his tax bill over four years, robbing public services of much-needed taxpayer funding for the work that Richard and Temo provide.

“It’s not just that Mitt shows undue appreciation for the people who work hard to protect his La Jolla home and keep it clean,” Wheeler writes. “He has taken aggressive steps to make sure these specific individuals don’t get paid.”

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