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Romney’s Clearer Path Thrusts Ryan Budget in the Spotlight

by Clyde Weiss  |  April 13, 2012

Mitt Romney
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney

When Rick Santorum suspended his campaign this week, it left former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as the presumptive Republican nominee to take on Pres. Barack Obama in November’s election. It also guaranteed more campaign trail cheerleading by Romney for a budget plan proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan that further imperils the 99 percent to financially benefit the 1 percent.

Romney gushed recently that Ryan’s budget plan was ‘marvelous,’ even though it attacks working families, slashes benefits or ends Medicaid coverage for millions of Americans. Romney wants to convert Medicaid into a federal block grant administered by states. That will have devastating consequences for the economy. 

In the next eight months, Romney may have a tough time convincing Americans that he understands their struggles. He has millions stashed in a Swiss bank account and offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands. He pays a lower tax rate than most Americans. Heck, he’s getting an elevator for his cars.

Romney has made it no secret that he would overturn the Affordable Care Act, the historic health care reform law that President Obama signed in 2010 – even though it was modeled on his own health care plan for Massachusetts.

He also wants to raise the retirement age to receive full Social Security and Medicare benefits, making it even more difficult to be older in America.

Whether it’s his support for Ohio’s anti-worker law, Senate Bill 5 – which voters repealed last November – or his backing of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign last year to deprive public service workers of their collective bargaining rights, Romney has shown no respect for workers or basic worker rights.

In fact, his spokespeople have said that as President, Romney would sign national right-to-work legislation “if it came across his desk.” Such laws are intended to weaken unions by forcing them to extend union benefits to “free riders” who don’t pay their fair share.

And when asked this week by a reporter if he supported the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which requires equal pay for women, Romney’s campaign opted to say nothing more than, “We’ll get back to you.”

AFSCME has endorsed President Obama in the upcoming election.

“Americans are looking for leaders like Barack Obama who understand the problems and will lead this nation so that together we can solve the jobs crisis and help rebuild the American Dream for all Americans,” says AFSCME Pres. Gerald W. McEntee. “What they are not looking for is Romney’s ‘trickle down’ economic agenda.”

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