San Jose City Officials Caught Lying about Pensions

by Allison Padgett  |  February 09, 2012

SAN JOSE, Calif. – On Wednesday night, an NBC investigative report proved what San Jose city workers have been saying all along about the dishonest pension claims of Mayor Chuck Reed and other city politicians. 

An interview with city Retirement Department Director Russell Crosby and an analysis of internal e-mails reveal that the city’s projection of $650 million in retirement costs – a figure Mayor Reed and his allies have used repeatedly to justify their illegal pension ballot measure – was made up and exaggerated by hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet Mayor Reed and other members of the City Council used this figure to distort the pension situation and mislead the public.

“Mayor Reed and other city politicians have blatantly lied to residents in their attacks on San Jose’s librarians, 911 dispatchers and other city workers,” says Yolanda Cruz, an IT engineer at Martin Luther King Jr. library and president of AFSCME Local 101.

“City politicians need to stop using the retirement security of middle-class families as a political football, and immediately halt their plans to put an illegal pension measure on the June ballot, which will hurt taxpayers and workers alike.”    

Sadly this type of deception is not just occurring in San Jose. Across the country, anti-worker politicians are targeting public employees’ retirement security. Learn more about pension security and see how you can fight back.

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