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‘Super Tuesday’ Boosts Hillary

by Clyde Weiss  |  March 02, 2016

‘Super Tuesday’ Boosts Hillary AFSCME Council 93 leaders joining Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a rally in Massachusetts on Tuesday are, from left, Mark Bernard, special assistant to the executive director; Jim Durkin, director of legislation, communication & political action; Charlie Owens, president of the council; Frank Moroney, executive director and an AFSCME International vice president; and Secretary Clinton. (Photo by Meghan Costello)

The Super Tuesday election victories racked up by Secretary Hillary Clinton is proof that she is “the candidate who is best equipped to break down every barrier holding Americans back,” said AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders.

“Voters from Virginia to Texas responded to her plans to improve incomes for working families and build on President Obama’s progress toward making college and health care affordable and accessible for every American family,” President Saunders said in a statement. “From fighting for equal pay for women and paid family leave, to making it easier instead of harder for working people to join together in strong unions – Hillary Clinton is the champion working people need in the White House.”

Since AFSCME’s 35-person International Executive Board voted overwhelmingly in October to endorse Secretary Clinton after a member-driven endorsement process, members across the country have volunteered to help Secretary Clinton’s campaign for President.

“AFSCME public service workers played a key role in the robust GOTV efforts that supported Secretary Clinton’s victory,” said President Saunders. “We knocked on doors, made phone calls, and in the crucial days ahead we will continue to educate, organize and mobilize support for Hillary Clinton as the primaries continue.”

In Massachusetts, where her margin of victory on Tuesday was less than 2 percentage points over rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, the activism of AFSCME members helped push Secretary Clinton into the winner’s circle. Among those members is Chris ‘Tiger’ Stockbridge, a Massachusetts code enforcement officer with more than 25 years of experience, and a member of AFSCME Council 93.

Stockbridge was one of many Council 93 members who knocked doors, made phone calls and worked at the polls to support Secretary Clinton’s candidacy. “Hillary will be able to enforce regulations on Wall Street and beyond to protect everyone from the disastrous practices that led to the financial crisis in the United States,” he said.  

Secretary Clinton also won Super Tuesday primary victories in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Learn more about why Secretary Hillary Clinton is the champion for working people here.

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