Take an AFSCME Union Break, Change the World

by Korey Hartwich  |  December 07, 2011

Folasade Omogun
Folasade Omogun

From Cairo to Madison to Occupy Wall Street, the world’s 99% are pulling together to face our challenges and build a better future.

Looking for a way to make a difference and build real power? Want to do something meaningful with your life, not just get a job to pay off your student loans? AFSCME’s Union Break program might be for you.

Folasade Omogun, a Memphis native who is working on the AFSCME local schools campaign participated, and in less than a week she began learning the skills to be an effective union organizer. She was inspired to carry on the tradition of the sanitation workers who went on strike in her city in 1968, winning justice and respect for themselves and other workers there.

“I learned how to share my story to create powerful connections that can help build and strengthen the union,” Omogun says. “When I finished my training, I knew that my life would never be the same. I saw how I am part of a vital labor movement that is fighting for the working class.”

Union organizers are catalysts for change, who meet working people and win power through organizing. Unions enable workers and their communities to fight for democracy and win justice on the job.

Join us in Madison for an incredible union break that will give you the tools, confidence and power to change lives. You'll learn the basics of union organizing and get hands-on experience. Successful participants can become AFSCME organizers with salaries and benefits.

Nichole Wentzlaff
Nichole Wentzlaff

“The dedication of AFSCME members and organizers I saw during my training made me hopeful for our country’s future,” said Nichole Wentzlaff an organizer-in-training from Le Sueur, Minn., who is currently working in Wisconsin. “Through the program, I met a group of talented activists from all over the country who share my passion for social justice. Together we got a taste of what it was to be organizers, learned about the labor movement and started standing with workers to build a better future.”

Make a difference every day. Build the union. Win a brighter future for working people.

Will you join us for AFSCME’s Union Break?

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