Tragic Law Enforcement Death in the Public Service

by Clyde Weiss  |  March 15, 2016

Tragic Law Enforcement Death in the Public Service Prince George’s County, Md., Detective Jacai Colson

A law enforcement officer tragically lost his life Sunday during a siege targeting his police station in Landover, Md. The violent death of Prince George’s County, Md., Detective Jacai Colson is a harrowing reminder of the courage and heroism of police and other first responders who daily put their lives at risk to protect the public they faithfully serve.

“We are saddened by the terrible loss of such a brave young man, Officer Jacai Colson, who placed his life on the line in an effort to prevent the loss of other lives,” said AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders. “Officer Colson’s sacrifice should remind us all that brave women and men in public service, especially our first responders, are committed to ensuring the public is protected from harm. We are in their debt.”

Officer Colson, 28, a four-year veteran and undercover narcotics officer, was killed responding to the shootout at the station located on a busy street adjacent to a number of homes. A 22-year-old suspect opened fire on the police station, firing at passing cars and an ambulance, before he was wounded and apprehended. News reports indicated that the alleged gunman’s two brothers recorded the firefight with law enforcement as Colson lay dying.

Colson’s death comes closely on the heels of the funeral of Prince William County, Va., Police Officer Ashley Guindon, who was shot and killed on her first day on duty.

These brave officers and AFSCME members serve our communities, working hard to keep our families and communities safe, patrolling our streets and enforcing our laws.

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