Union Ads Echo Voters’ Voices from Across the Country

by Pablo Ros  |  November 20, 2012

On Election Day, voters from across the country spoke overwhelmingly in favor of protecting the best interests of the middle class, a mission AFSCME has long made its own.

That is why today, AFSCME and two of its closest allies — the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the National Education Association (NEA) — are joining forces to echo those voices and their call to protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and education.

A set of television ads in Colorado, Virginia, Missouri, and radio ads in Pennsylvania, Alaska and Missouri, will air throughout the week to urge key senators and representatives in those five states to heed the call of their constituents and oppose cuts to entitlement programs in balancing the budget.

“We cannot cut our way to job creation, balance the budget at the expense of the middle class, or destroy programs that provide a measure of economic security for millions of Americans,” said Chuck Loveless, AFSCME Federal Government Affairs director. “Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are bedrock programs for American families, providing retirement income to seniors, keeping millions of Americans healthy and providing health care for the sick and disabled.”

The new ads are aimed at nine Democratic and Republican senators and representatives.

AFSCME, SEIU and NEA have also released the results of a public poll conducted among general election voters that shows overwhelming support for job creation as the most effective route to deficit reduction, along with higher taxes on the wealthy.

In fact, the survey — conducted by The Mellman Group between Nov. 9 and 12 — reveals that twice as many Americans across party lines would rather see their elected representatives focus on creating jobs (67 percent) than on reducing the deficit (29 percent).

Among other findings from the survey: 89 percent of Americans oppose cuts in nursing home aid for the elderly covered by Medicaid; 87 percent oppose cuts to Social Security benefits; and 80 percent oppose cuts to Medicare.

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