Union Supporters Remain in Wisconsin Capitol

February 27, 2011

Despite Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's order to clear the State Capitol in Madison at 4 p.m. CT Sunday afternoon, protesters remain in the building and Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs says there will be no arrests and those in the Capitol will be allowed to stay the night. From Talking Points Memo:

"There will be no arrests, as we said before, there will be no use of force," Tubbs said. "We want the people to continue to cooperate and work within the guidelines and the laws of the state of Wisconsin. So there'll be no one asked to leave the Capitol tonight."

Chief Tubbs also praised the protesters for their conduct during what has been a peaceful two weeks of demonstrations. Earlier this weekend, police officers responded to orders to close the Capitol building by joining the continued protests in a demonstration of solidarity with their union sisters and brothers. 

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