Unions Give Hillary Boost in Nevada

by Michael Byrne  |  February 22, 2016

Unions Give Hillary Boost in Nevada AFSCME retiree Laura Leavitt and Secretary Hillary Clinton are all smiles as they wait for the caucus results.

AFSCME and other union members were out in force in Nevada this past weekend, helping to push former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to victory in the state caucuses. Her win, with 53 percent of the caucus votes to 47 for Sen. Bernie Sanders, was bolstered by support of women, African Americans and older voters, as well as the majority of union households, according to exit polls.

“Nevada’s working people stood up for Secretary Clinton because they know she will stand up for them and fight every day to make real progress on issues that affect their families and communities,” AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders declared. “No one is better prepared to create an economy that works for everyone than Hillary Clinton.”

AFSCME’s active and retired members were a key partner among the hundreds of union volunteers who raked the grassroots for Clinton. They made dozens of worksite visits, knocked on 3,500 doors and were part of a coalition effort that resulted in 10,000 conversations about how to caucus for Clinton.

AFSCME retirees worked the phone banks and also added a personal touch, handwriting postcard messages sent to members. “These personal messages helped Secretary Clinton in Iowa, and Nevadans also like to get personal messages,” said Laura Leavitt, Retiree Chapter 4041, who volunteered her time to write the postcard messages.

“We hear you, we see you, we're incredibly grateful to you because we're in this together,” Clinton said of her supporters during her victory speech. “We look at our country and see so much that isn't working the way it should … Americans are right to be angry, but we're also hungry for real solutions.”

AFSCME’s President Saunders vowed to step up the effort to help Clinton succeed. “As the contest for the Democratic nomination advances, we will continue to make the case to our friends and co-workers across the country that Hillary Clinton is the champion working families need in the White House.”

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