What’s At Stake in Massachusetts

by Cheryl Kelly  |  November 05, 2012

Pres. Lee Saunders with AFSCME GOTV volunteers in Massachusetts
Pres. Lee Saunders with AFSCME GOTV volunteers in Massachusetts.

BOSTON – For 47 years Sen. Ted Kennedy represented the people of Massachusetts and Tuesday they will go to the polls to begin a new chapter in state politics. AFSCME volunteers are getting out the vote this week to ensure Elizabeth Warren wins that seat.

On Tuesday, unlike any other Election Day in history, voters and volunteers know there is too much at stake for Massachusetts and the Democratic majority in the Senate to stand on the sidelines.

AFSCME VotesIf Warren’s opponent, Scott Brown, gets elected to a full Senate term, he could make a significant ideological swing to the right without having to worry about re-election for another six years. A vote for Scott Brown is a vote for a right-wing-controlled Senate determined to hold the Obama administration hostage for another four years.

Brown voted several times to revoke police and firefighters’ collective bargaining rights. He joined the Republican leadership in blocking consideration of the Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Act to provide aid to state and local governments to keep teachers in the classroom and firefighters and police officers on the street. It would have saved an estimated 400,000 jobs.

A vote for Elizabeth Warren is a vote for what we hope to accomplish in a second term for President Obama; economic recovery, fair tax policies that require the richest 1 percent to pay their fair share and don’t ask the working middle class to shoulder all tax burdens, more funding for our schools, helping students access affordable higher education, and support for collective bargaining rights.

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders puts this election in perspective for not only Massachusetts, but nationally.

“This election is not just about who sits in the Oval Office or in the Senate,” said Saunders, who has been getting out the vote all weekend in the northeast. “It’s about our belief that if you work hard and play by the rules, you’ll get ahead. And the belief that we are not a ‘you’re on your own’ nation, but a ‘we’re all in this together nation.’”

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