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What’s In a Name? A Load of Dishonesty

by Tiffany Ricci  |  November 29, 2011

Is it opposite day on Capitol Hill — or maybe just in Rep. John Kline’s office? That’s the only reason we can think of that the Minnesota Republican decided to name his bill, which undermines unions in workplaces across the country, the “Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act” (H.R. 3094).

Kline’s bill would allow employers to indefinitely delay the scheduling of elections for workers to choose whether to join a union. You know, the opposite of workforce democracy.

The bill would create a loophole with which anti-worker forces could raise frivolous issues designed to delay elections. It would mandate a full hearing on any issue that any party raises, and require that the National Labor Relations Board hear and decide every appeal, no matter how meritless it may be before any election can be scheduled. This would give employers the ability to draw out union elections for decades.

And what will employers do while they are dragging out union elections? Well, they’re free under this legislation to mount aggressive anti-union campaigns!

Representative Kline, you can call the bill whatever you want but it’s clearly just another right-wing attempt to squeeze more profits out of the 99% by politicians and corporations who don’t give a lick about workers.

AFSCME strongly opposes the dishonestly named Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act, (H.R. 3094). The bill is expected to be voted on in the House this week. Call your member of Congress now at 1-888-493-8963 and tell them not to be fooled into supporting this anti-worker, anti-democracy and anti-fairness legislation.

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