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Contract Administrator/Lead Negotiator

Affiliate: NAPE/AFSCME Local 61 (Omaha, NE)
Posting Date:September 01, 2011


  • Researches and works with various committees and is the lead negotiator for collective bargaining agreements
  • Conducts training for: Stewards, Officers, Bargaining team members, etc.
  • Coordinates and conducts labor management relations and meetings
  • Communicates the Union’s vision for building strength and growth
  • Represents workers in mostly upper level of the grievance process, including Arbitration
  • Holding meetings of various types – district meetings, labor-management meetings, grievance meetings, meetings with Stewards, etc.
  • Recruits, Educates and Organizes new members
  • Conducts New Employee Orientation
  • Educates and organizes existing members

High School diploma or equivalent; 3 or more years of union organizing/servicing experience; Reliable vehicle; current driver’s license and vehicle insurance; extensive travel required (mostly in state); able to work nights and weekends; knowledge of labor unions and labor relations; knowledge of Nebraska labor laws and labor contracts, or ability to learn; ability to plan and coordinate work activities; ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with employees and members; ability to conduct research and gather information for negotiations; Ability to use word and excel, at a minimum; ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

Resumes taken through: September 20, 2011


Please submit your resume and 3 (letters of) references to:
ATTN: Julie Dake Abel, Executive Director
5625 O Street, Suite 10
Lincoln NE 68510
(402) 486-3911

Resumes will also be accepted via email at admin@napeafscme.org

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