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General Counsel

Westerville, Ohio
Posting Date:
August 25, 2021

Reports to: President

Job Goal: To coordinate the provision of legal expertise to the union and to coordinate legal representation of the union and its members in various forums.  To provide direction, supervision and input with regard to legal and related issues to the union, its officers and staff.

Duties Include:
The General Counsel supervises and oversees all legal endeavors for the union whether provided by internal employees or by outside counsel.  As such, the General Counsel provides direct supervision to associate general counsels and legal assistants and support personnel in the undertaking of representation of the union’s interests in appropriate forums.  The General Counsel provides legal advice, legal representation and policy consultation to the President and/or Executive Director if applicable, the board and staff on issues having legal implications.  In order to do so, the General Counsel receives information from colleagues to identify the interests of the union which may be at risk or areas in which actions relative to legal interests of the union need to be coordinated with other policy and implementation areas.  The General Counsel represents OCSEA in disputes and cases pending in all courts, administrative agencies, forums, including but not limited to, administrative agencies, all levels of courts and arbitration.

The General Counsel provides supervision to personnel administering the fair share fee procedure including the processing of objections and challenges received as part of that procedure. 

Organization Relationships

The General Counsel is a member of the senior management team of the union and as such collaborates and coordinates with colleagues on general policy matters of the union and provides advice as requested by the President and/or Executive Director if applicable on legal and non-legal matters about which the counsel may have professional expertise or experience.  The General Counsel provides direct supervision to staff and to outside counsel, and, with regard to the former, is responsible for specific job assignments, training and development and evaluation of performance. 


The General Counsel has the authority to bring the standards and tenants of the legal profession to bear upon the issues of the union and in so doing acts in an attorney-client relationship with the President and/or Executive Director if applicable, the board and colleagues in staff positions.  The General Counsel has general authority to set up procedures necessary for the operation of the union’s legal department and to recommend to the appointing authority personnel to be hired in the legal department.

Job Qualifications

The General Counsel must hold a law degree from an accredited institution, be admitted to the Ohio Bar and have experience in the area of legal representation for labor unions.  Experience in the areas of employee relations law and procedures, civil service procedures, contract administration and litigation are desirable to assure success in such a position.