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Organizer I

Arizona Local 449
Tucson, AZ
USU Grade 5
Posting Date:
March 01, 2022


This position is responsible for participating in all aspects of an organizing campaign and operates independently while working under general supervision while carrying out assigned responsibilities. Performs all activities associated with campaigns to include assessing potential organizing targets, assessing worker/voters, building/maintaining worker lists, identifying and developing worker-leaders, creating organizing committees and making work site and home visits. Plans, campaigns and implements the AFSCME Organizing Model to include targeting, pre-petition campaigns, election campaigns, card-check campaigns and first contract campaigns. As the public face of the union in organizing campaigns the organizer must promote the vision of the union to the unorganized workers, union members, staff of affiliated unions and co-workers. The organizer must promote teamwork and be self-critical and receptive to ongoing feedback for successful development and growth in the Organizer profession.


To perform the Organizer I position successfully, the incumbent should demonstrate seasoned proficiency and judgment in the following skills:

  • One-on-One Communications:
  • Recruitment, Development & Coordination of Worker Leaders/Organizing Committees:
  • Planning & Running Meetings and Actions:
  • Developing & Communicating Campaign Message to the Workforce:
  • Training & Developing VMOs, OIAs and Less Experienced Organizers:
  • Planning and Implementing Assignments:
  • Support of the AFSCME Mission and Work Attitude:


Include AFSCME staff; affiliate officials and representatives, local and council officials, members, workers and other union staff.

Directions and Decision Making:

The Organizer I position reports to an Area Organizing Director and is expected to work independently with direction and guidance from Journey Organizers, Lead Organizers and managers to further develop their skills. Keeps Journey/Lead Organizer and/or supervisor regularly apprised of developments during organizing activities and tasks.

Education and Experience:

High School Diploma and with 6 months to 3 years’ experience in union organizing; or any equivalent combination of education and experience which provides the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Knowledge of union organizing practice and principles.
  • Basic knowledge of labor laws, especially with respect to union organizing.
  • Knowledge of anti-union employer tactics.
  • Leadership and motivational skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Fluent bilingual skills are desirable.

Physical Requirements:

Work is performed in a variety of employment settings including workers’ homes and neighborhoods. Driving, travel, temporary assignments and extended work hours are required. Valid driver’s license required.

Promotion from Organizer I to Organizer II:

Beginning 2011 - Promotion is available on a non competitive basis as follows:

To any Organizer with at least 5 years satisfactory performance (the satisfactory performance will be found absent any documented record of disciplinary action or unsatisfactory performance in an employee’s personnel file in the year preceding the request) as a Grade 5 Organizer, consistent with the following procedure (taken from the signed settlement agreement between AFSCME and USU of July 22, 2010):

  1. Beginning in January 2011, employees serving in their fifth year as an Organizer may request promotion to Organizer II. Such request may be submitted once each year during the 30-day period preceding their 5th year anniversary date. Organizers with more than five years of service as an Organizer on or before January 1, 2011, may submit a request for promotion to Organizer II on or before January 31, 2011.
  2. This request shall be granted provided the applicant has:
    1. A record of satisfactory performance as an Organizer, and;
    2. Demonstrated a capacity to undertake more difficult organizing assignments. If the Organizer does not have a satisfactory record of performance as an Organizer, the Organizer may re-apply after a year of satisfactory performance.
  3. Section 7.02 [of the USU contract sic] (Trial Period) shall be applicable to these non-competitive promotions.
  4. Nothing herein shall preclude AFSCME from posting and filling Grade 7, Organizer II vacancies through its normal selection procedures.

Application Instructions:

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to Jonathan Schlecht at